domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Decided. This is MARKETING

(He creado una página independiente en el blog)

Maybe you're thinking I'm crazy. Thinking I could lost the few followers that I have. Maybe. But as I'm always saying, this is my blog, and I fuck it when I want it's my little personal madness!

You'll only find information about marketing.
You'll only read in English.
I hope you enjoy it!

In two days I'm starting my course in City University of London: Advanced Marketing. Are you ready to learn with me? I'll try to do it well, my English is not the best... but my intention cannot be better!

First clue: I'm reading How To Influence: The art of making things happen, by Jo Owen, and I`ll finish all my entries with his words. A great discovery for me.

The easiest way for people without influence to gain influence is to borrow it from someone else.
Go where the power is!

1 comentario:

Anónimo dijo...

Me imagino que en ingles solo el marketing no? La vida en Londres será igual?.

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